Pittsburgh Mediation Group

Client Testimonials

Below are a sampling of testimonials and success stories we have received from our clients. Both our training programs and our mediation services are referenced.

From Our Training Events

  • "Very thorough & thought provoking"
  • "Bernie provides across-the-spectrum expertise"
  • "Discussing & interacting with real-life situations was most helpful."
  • "I think it will enable me to be a better (client) advocate during mediation."

The Seminar was great. It's obvious that Bernie has spent a great deal of time not only mediating, but thinking abut theories and issues involved when mediating matters. He's very knowledgeable and quite entertaining. It was a great session.

Harry Paras, Commercial Mediator.

This was the best Legal workshop I have ever attended. The format and Agenda were great. JBL.

Pittsburgh attorney and Federal Court e-Special Master

Exceptional training for our Department. Both presenters (Bernie and Rick) have tremendous knowledge base. Conversation & interaction flowed easily. Bernie is very good at encouraging & facilitating discussion.

TSH, Public Relations Specialist, Bd. of Education, Pittsburgh Public Schools

From Our Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services

I've observed Rick over many years, and attended many of his mediations. Rick is expert at creating an open, comfortable and safe environment.  He's very good at his job. He inspires trust and helps the parties gain greater clarity about their situations. I think the participants, managers and hourly employees, value his honesty and the respect given to each participant. I think he loves what he does.

Toni Tait, EEO/ADR Specialist, US Postal Service