Pittsburgh Mediation Group

Divorce & Custody

The Value of the Mediation Process:

  • Outcomes decided by the parties themselves, not by a judge
  • Less expensive, less time consuming than court
  • The structure protects families and children from destructive impact of an adversarial divorce
  • The process allows for practical solutions to personal and unique needs
  • It’s not a winner-take-all process allowing relationships to heal going forward

Our Mediators help clients Identify productive decisions to navigate the divorce process.

For couples with children, using mediation helps the parent separate their spousal role, which is ending, from their parenting role, which is continuing. Specifically, mediation helps couples:

  • Develop Agreements
  • Cultivate Trust
  • Develop Realistic Strategies
  • Divide assets and debts
Mediation Going to Court
Parties determine agenda and importance of issues to be discussed Judge provides parties with little flexibility and decides which issues to take up and how much time to allot each
Parties decide schedule Court sets schedule
Parties craft outcome of dispute Judge sets outcome, and outcome may be unpredictable and may not be desirable to either party.
Cost-effective Expensive
Confidential process not confidential
Process facilitates keeping relationships healthy and intact when possible May create more adversarial relationship and cause further tension